As part of an overall Plan of Action to help accelerate our evolutionary transition to a predator free society, Marco D'Anna founded the nonprofit organization True Freedom Technologies (TFT). TFT is intended to provide a conduit between our past and present predatory social structures and our enlighten societies of the future where competitions for survival are no longer required.

  True Freedom Technologies  

TFT is in the early stages of its development with the recent launch of its website. TFT is currently in the process of completing phase 1 of its plan of action. At first TFT will provide knowledge about our evolutionary transition and ways to minimize our predatory exploitation under capitalism. To help accomplish this task TFT has prepared its first publication and will offer other books by authors that share our mission and vision objectives.

As TFT becomes more established it will offer artistic and technical services as well as advanced products to the public. TFTs corporate structure will fall into eight primary divisions corresponding to the most important areas of a technologically advanced predator free society. The ultimate goal of TFT is to establish an integrated self-replicating social construct that uses advanced technologies to provide all of the survival necessities for a growing community.